The Feedlot

The Concept

Throughout our long journey always working with and for the customer, we decided we had to go a step further thus our project was born in 2014. After more than a year of waiting for permits and complying with all environmental requirements, today we now have one of the best cattle feedlots in the world.

It consists of three phrases, the first and where we are today is 600 heads of cattle producing about 900 heads per year. The second phase consists on the permits for what will amount to 2,500 heads of cattle, producing about 4,000 heads per year. Lastly, at the third phase, we will add another 3,000 heads of cattle. In total, we will have more than 6,000 heads of cattle, producing 7,500 heads per year, with an investment of over 9 million euros for the next five years, creating value and employment.

The feedlot is set in an amazing location between the Montes de Toledo and facing south of the Sierra de Gredos surrounded by thousands of barley crops and olive trees.

Composed of a highly qualified veterinary team equipped with the latest technologies in maintenance, breeding, feeding and the development of animal welfare. The team is headed by a professional who comes from a traditional family line of over five generations and over 50 years of experience in the traditional animal care and agriculture business.

Phase 1  – Today

heads of cattle

heads produced per year

Phase 2

heads of cattle

heads produced per year

Phase 3

heads of cattle

heads produced per year

The Breed

The Feed

Combining our expertise with that of the farmers in both the meadows and countryside, the cattle and the latest technology, using native continental livestock from the Iberian peninsula, thanks to its hardiness and great quality meat, crossing with native British breeds in England and Scotland with key features is the precocity, much larger than the continental races.

Depending on their feed, it is possible to use infiltrated fat at any age. This makes the market very flexible, since they can be slaughtered as calves and be sold at 200-220kg or as steers at 400-440kg or any intermediate weight. Also as castrated steers with over 700kg and between 5 to 7 years of age. Of course, we guarantee our forage and feed grain with our formulas designed to give the better quality and an uniformity to our final product.

Animal welfare


Our project was born from a single base, Animal Biosafety. Everything has revolved around this principal. All of the decisions such as the location, orientation, complex drawings, building materials, stables, feeders, cleaning materials, and so on came from this idea which eliminates any cross contamination. The result we get from this is that the animals have a stress free and healthy life which in turn produces the best meat in the world.

Our Customers


The respect we have for our customers, makes us expect the best from our team, combining tradition with innovation. Having the most modern facilities, the best supply of 100% fodder and feed grain in the area and a variety of breeds or crossbreeds providing the highest quality meats. The welfare of our animals is what satisfies our clients.

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